So many sins we had to split them into two parts to avoid causing any sin-related overdoses. Terminator Genisys, the Terminator movie that actively tried to destroy the franchise for good. (If you couldn’t tell, we hated this movie). After sinning Casino Royale, we just couldn’t stop ourselves from continuing on to its sequel, Quantum of Solace, which is much worse. Good news everyone, they’re making more of these freaking things!

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  • We found some sins…
  • What would happen if you took three separate TV episodes, a good animation department, an established franchise, and tried to make a movie with it?
  • And it has a bag full of sins.
  • Tons of sins though.
  • Even so, here are its sins…

It does not improve on the original, changes very little, and is an overall empty experience. Mandy Moore and sharks! With the sequel upon us, we decided to go looking for sins in 47 Meters Down. And boy did we find some. Die Hard With A Vengeance is probably more fun than you remembered. But it’s got an insane villain plan, and TONS of sins.

What’s The Damage?

It’s fantastic in almost every way. But even fantastic movies have sins. So in the spirit of giving that comes with the holiday season, we’re giving the film some sin-counting. And to anyone shocked we would sin a movie this beloved and revered… Well, you must be new here. You’ve Got Mail is a movie that lots of people love.

Moulin Rouge is a frequent fan request, and lo and behold, we did find some sins. I bet you’re so very surprised. The Goonies is an undeniable 80’s classic, and one of our favorite movies from our youth. It just has an absolute ton of sins, including some of the worst prison security in film history.

Seven Movies To Get Your Kids Excited To Learn

Five sins are subtracted from Return of the Jedi for the infamous Slave Leia scene. Dysfunctional parents, which many films argue are the only ones that exist. The narrator does not like sex scenes that don’t make sense.

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Tom Cruise made two movies in the aughts with Steven Spielberg and they’re both pretty good. War of the Worlds is a pretty decent little road trip plus aliens movie, but it still has some sins. True Lies is a big action adventure from the ’90s that has dancing, harrier jets, fake art, and some marital issues. Lots and lots of sins.

Plenty of sins to be found here for sure. It’s like Taken, on a plane! In honor of the upcoming Taken 3, we decided to go looking for sins in the hijacked-airliner thriller, Non-Stop. Sadly, Liam Neeson doesn’t do very much killing in this movie. You loved it, everyone loved it, it’s one of the highest-grossing films of the year…

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I forgot about Daddy’s Home. This is a piece of crap. So on and so forth. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Men In Black, we decided to go digging for sins. Found some, but this movie is still awesome.

Due to its being a movie. Sometimes they make a sequel that is lifeless, boring retread–actually, wait… No, that’s most of the time. Anyway, sins ensue. In celebration of… We decided to go looking for sins in Real Steel, one of the sloppiest and laziest father-son bonding movies in history.

I wonder if he watched his own video before uploading it, because it’s like he had no idea of what he was actually arguing. Being a leech is meaningless because YouTube is full of recycled content that use other IPs to prop up their channels. Bobvids never demonstrated that CinemaSins doesn’t care about their audience. In fact, what he did do was show that they do communicate through reddit, twitter, and youtube so there is a dialogue between the audience and creators.