It comes in various flavours like Almond Power Smoke, Corn Twist Bait Smoke, Spicy Squad, Tiger Nut Smoke, and more. Also, you have to understand that pop-up baits aren’t cheap. The purpose of this base is to give carp a healthy diet. Bollie offers premium equipment at an affordable price for beginner to advanced fingerboarders. Compared to other providers, Bollies market grew directly from the fingerboarding scene.


Cocktail baits, meaning a combination of two or three different types of baits, have proven to be a deadly hookbait for bream. Cocktail variants should be tried out when the fishing with one bait is slow and the fish aren’t really willing to bite. The combination of different baits can on the other hand look very appealing and raise their interest, which then often leads to a bite. Red and white maggots, as well as brown casters, are a real bream magnet and are perfect for both coarse and specimen fishing, as they’ll attract all sizes of bream. This amazing hookbait works great for all kinds of coarse fish, and the bream is certainly one of them. It actually depends on how the waters react to your baiting method.

This way, the carp won’t detect the hook and they will likely become your catch. Typically, bright-coloured (pink, red, yellow, etc.) boilies are perfect during winter fishing since the water is dull. Meanwhile, dark-coloured boilies (brown, purple, black, etc.) are ideal for warmer seasons. Take note that boilies come in different flavours like bloodworm, krill, tutti frutti, tuna, and more.

DT Baits N-Blend Pop Ups Boilies 15mm 60g

They manage to catch bigger fish because their size often keeps away smaller-sized fish, which can be very advantageous if you are targeting larger bream. I have found that 8-12mm boilies have the perfect size for bigger bream. This is one of my all-time favorite hookbaits for specimen bream. Fake pop-up corn comes in different sizes and flavours and is a really effective bait for big bream. Smaller worms work great on the lift method and can be presented on a size hook. Bigger worms are better suited for feeder fishing on a size 8-10 hook, depending on their size and thickness.

  • His fishing experience includes the use of fly rod and reel.
  • Nevertheless, tap water will do, but it’s not as effective as lake water.
  • Making Boilies for fishing adventures from ingredients in your own kitchen is what you’ll be doing.
  • Both fishery owners and anglers alike found that their catch rate of larger fish seemed to increase.
  • Nevertheless, these bases will be mixed with egg as a holding agent.

So, in order to help you improve your bream fishing, I have decided to write this helpful guide on the best baits for common bream. In it, I’m not merely listing up the best bream baits, but I will also explain what end tackle you should be using, when to fish what bait, as well as the best respective fishing method for them. Here at CarpFishingUK, we give you the best methods, tips, and tackle to catch the biggest monsters! From UK and beyond, we are your one-stop resource in everything about fishing, popular fish types and carp fish in particular. Knowing how to fish with boilies will increase your chances of hooking the largest carp.

The pop-up is generally smaller than the normal boilie, which creates what is known as a critically balanced bait, or neutral buoyancy, and makes it easier for the fish to take in the bait. Most boilie fishing is done when anglers are after carp, tench, bream, and other pan fish. A common technique is to cast your boilie to a weeded area that could be holding carp. The boilie will sink to the bottom where carp typically forage for small creatures. It is possible to make Pop Up Boilies by altering the cooking instructions slightly. The visibility aspect is also the reason why I always choose brightly coloured pop-ups for bream.

His fishing experience includes the use of fly rod and reel. Guided trips along the Madison and Gallatin rivers in Montana, the Frying Pan and Animus in Colorado, and the Deschutes river in Oregon have all paid off and helped make Geoff the angler and writer that he is today. If you wonder if your dog can eat fishing boilies, read this article that we have here. However, smaller-sized pop-ups can work really well in colder water as well.

Mainline High Visual Double Strength Pop Ups Tutti Frutti 12mm

Also, carp are used to eating unwanted bait and leftover baits in the margin thrown by anglers who are already calling it a day. The most commonly used set-up anglers use to present a boilie is a hair rig which allows the boilie to sit off the back of the hook. This not only means that the bait will behave more naturally in the water it also will often make the difference between a good hook hold and a bad one. In the late seventies/early eighties additional ingredients were added such as sweeteners and preservatives, these baits then started to be manufactured commercially.

They will be ready when they start to brown, just before they burn. Using your spatula to stir, slowly add the dry mixture to the wet bowl. Continue adding the dry mix, stirring all the while until it reaches a doughy consistency. Add to this your 4 teaspoons of oil, and the 1 teaspoon of crushed pineapple.

Loosefeeding with larger quantities of maggots or casters especially can really activate your swim and keep the bream engaged and feeding for hours. Moreover, boilies don’t splatter to pieces upon hitting the water. However, you have to watch out for diving birds that will steal the baits and drive the carp away. However, if you’re fishing in the margins, 10 mm baits are unbeatable. Another consideration here is the distance from where you’re fishing.

Blackriver was founded in 1999, with the goal of producing and providing the world with professional fingerboard equipment. You do not have any unread price alerts at this time. You do not have any recently viewed cars at this time. Make the most of your secure shopping experience by creating an account. Once you’ve gained a workable product, roll out a couple dozen small doughy pellets between your palms. Once you’ve got a bunch of them made, you’re ready to boil.

Ever since boilies were invented back in the 1970s, it has become one of the bait staples of anglers. It’s considered as the ‘undisputed’ king of all carp baits since boilies never fail to hook just about any gamefish. However, you need to know how to fish with boilies properly if you want to make it work for your angling.


Boilies are often shaped like small marshmallows, or balls. They come in different colors, and different irresistible flavors. Some fishermen have even up-scaled, and turned the whole boilie making process into a business. Of course, in venues with a larger number of small fish, neither maggots nor casters shouldn’t be your first choice, as they’ll usually also attract small roach, rudd, or bleak into the swim and onto your hook.

When to Use Groundbait?

With all your cookware and ingredients in front of you, you’re ready to get started. Let’s go through the run down on how to get these tasty fish treats to come out right. Once you make a batch or two of your own boilies, you’ll start to get the feel of it. You’ll also have a chance to get out and put them to the test on the water. Pay attention to what works where you fish, and make adjustments in the kitchen as necessary. Let’s starting by taking a look at this checklist of the cookware we’ll need to get started.

Boilies are available in a range of sizes to accommodate the fishing conditions and type of fish you’re looking to catch from 8mm up to 20mm. But as mentioned above there is now a new breed of baits containing high quality ingredients that catch fish well and consistently over a long period. Pellets are best fished o the hair rig or directly on your hook shank via a bait band. I find 6-8mm pellets to be the perfect size if you are using them as hookbaits. Fish them on a size 8-10 wide gape specimen hook and use very tight bait bands, as they tend to slip out easily when casting out your rig.

They’re available in a huge range of colours and flavours and they work. They’re versatile and suitable for a number of different conditions and the variety available means there are often boilies suitable for nearly any conditions. These types of baits are aptly named, they are designed to catch fish very quickly and need little ‘introduction’ to a water to achieve results. They will catch carp quickly if they are of a high quality (don’t be fooled into thinking that just because a bait is brightly colored and has a great deal of flavor that they will catch fish consistently. However, boilie crumbs only work its magic on the margin during later hours of the day. This is the period when carp and other fishes will go near the margins to look for food they can gobble slowly.

The mixture is then boiled to form hardish round baits which will last in the water. Additional flavourings and aromatic attractants are 10 ideas for how to invest $5,000 in real estate today also usually included in the mixture. The round shape allows the baits to be catapulted accurately when fishing at distant waters.

However, if you want to single out the biggest carp, pop-ups are a big help. Since then, Blackriver has been the number one online shop for fingerboarding gear. Whether it be fingerboard ramps, fingerboards, wheels, trucks, or special equipment, we have everything you need, for every skill level.

When to Use Sweetcorn?

Carp anglers started catching larger fish on these baits and the word soon began to spread throughout the carp angling community. As mentioned, fake corn is best fished on the hair in combination with either a method feeder or conventional safety clip bolt rig. Use a one or two pop-up corn on a size 8 wide gape carp hook and make the hair very short, so that the first fake corn is almost touching the hook’s bend. Boilies are a type of fishing baits made from boiled paste that usually consists of fishmeals, milk proteins, bird foods, semolina and soya flour, which are mixed with egg white as a binding agent.

When ledgering, you simply put the groundbait into your cage or around your method feeder and cast out the bait together with your rig. This is a bait that works best during late spring and early autumn when the water is a little colder and the fish aren’t as active and hungry yet. The sweet and strong aroma of the sweetcorn will nicely spread itself underwater, attracting even the slowest of bream into your swim.

Stick with your go-to or try something new from our massive range and variety of brands, flavours, and sizes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to carp fishing having the right boilies for the right water conditions and fish is essential. Boilies and pop-ups are packed with attractants and other additives to attract the fish to the bait and ensure the best possible chances to land a catch.

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